Uxhumano – Connection (Zulu)

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This film, intended for the use as a music video, was produced for Tabitha Price's Final Major Project at University. In collaboration with another student (Grange-Bennett - Director and Producer).

A 360 degree set was designed and made for this film by Price and Grange-Bennett. Both costumes were designed and made to fit exactly for each dancer and model commissioned for the film.

Please see the photo reel above for behind the scenes pictures of the make-up, costume and set.

Muti, the dancer, has since gone on to be Taylor Swifts choreographer in the film Cats and Milly Grange Bennett has now produced a series of music videos for singer Korra. 'Bolzauli - Korra'.

The end result is an original style music video inspired by vast culture, Shamanism and psychedelia. 

Director/ Producer - Milly Grange Bennett

Co-Producer/ Makeup Artist - Tabitha Price

Model (Gofi) - Matthew Outlaw

Dancer - Muti