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The Body Shop Skincare - 1 Week Update

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Hello, it's been one week since I started trying the Body Shop Skincare range, and have I got news for you! As you may know, I went into a local shop, explained all my skin woes and was recommended the Seaweed Wash, the Vitamin E toner and the Aloe SPF Moisturiser. As well as this I purchased the Chamomile Balm and some Tea Tree Oil.

How did I get on?

Would you believe it if I said, REALLY WELL! I have already (which I can't believe) had amazing results from all of these products, the acne fighting Seaweed Cleanser paired with the calming and hydrating Toner and Moisturiser has worked so well for my skin. With winter coming round the corner and having to wear a mask on the daily. I needed something to fight my 'maskne' but keep me hydrated and keep my dry skin at bay, and it seems these products have done the trick.

Every morning and evening I wet my face with warm water, apply a large pea sized amount of the cleanser to my fingers and rub it in all over my face, I then like to let this sit on my skin for a minute or two and let the cool tingling sensation cleanse my face, or at least that's how it feels haha!

After this, I squirt out a half a teaspoon amount of the toner onto a reusable cotton pad and using upward motions wipe this on my face, particularly on my cheeks which is where I have a lot of scarring still.

Then I apply a pea sized amount of moisturiser onto my hands and rub this up my neck and onto my face which I then continue to massage into my face using a 'face gym routine'. Basically, this is a way of rubbing in your moisuriser whilst exercising your face muscles, releasing toxins and generally making you feel good.

If I feel like I need it I will apply a very very small amount of tea tree oil onto any blemishes I may have.


Make sure you go into a local Body Shop Shop and explain in detail the problems with your skin and what you want to achieve. They will then be able to give you a personalised routine you can use.

Don't forget they do student DISCOUNT!

What did the products feel like on the skin?

  1. Seaweed Wash - very 'gel' like in texture, a strong tea tree smell and very refreshing on the face, DO NOT GET THIS IN YOUR EYE.

  2. Vitamin E Toner - the best toner I've ever used, soothing, very thick in texture (surprisingly) but lovely and super hydrating.

  3. Aloe SPF Moisturiser - now this moisturiser is clearly doing the job, but it doesn't feel like anything special to me, a very basic facial moisturiser.

  4. Chamomile Balm - a lovely soft, soothing balm with a light natural fragrances, perfect for taking off makeup but keeping your skin feeling beautiful.

  5. Tea Tree Oil - I was skeptical about this oil at first as some tea tree oils can be very harsh on the skin but this one was great, it didn't sting, smelt lovely, but not overpowering, ultimately it worked, within two days my spots were gone.

You only have to look at the before and after photos below to see the difference!

So Finally!

Would I recommend The Body Shop Skincare Range? One word, YES.

Shop the range below!

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